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Thing Thing Arena 3

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thing thing arena 3 QQQQIf you are a fan of gaming your free time away, then Thing Thing arena 3 is worth that gaming time. This is one of the most action-packed, fast paced and exciting games that you can get your hands on. It brings a whole new dimension to game play with stylized moments and providing a wide selection of weapons to live up to its lively shoot  em up  action. The game is largely customizable from the levels to the choice of your character to your guns and even minor details like the kind of gloves that you want to wear, making this game great fun. If you have not played the previous games, there is no need to worry, you will be filled in as the game includes a little back story of the events. It continues the story so you know what you are dealing with. Thing Thing Arena 3 can arguably be rated the best in the game’s instalment as it has plenty of guns to choose from and collect as well as plenty of achievements to reach. Playing the game is entertaining as you try to blast your way through waves and waves of enemies to see how far you can go. Your progress in the game is saved automatically.

So that you can pick off from where you left until you reach 100% completion. So let’s speak about how to play this awesome game. The Thing Thing Arena 3 controls are ~A~ or ~D~ for Walk, to Run you use ~Shift~ , if you want to Jump you use W or the  ~Up~  arrow meanwhile to Aim and Shoot you use the ~mouse~ To change your weapons you use ~E~ or press ~Number 0~. The ~W~ and ~Up~ arrow key can be also be used for the Double Jump and Back Flip moves. Something to note about the controls is that, you can change the keys in the pause menu in the Key Map submenu. Thing Thing Arena 3 is not only a wonderful and mind blowing game but gaming experience.